Climate Change Adaptation

One of the biggest challenges facing infrastructure owners and operators world wide is managing the impacts of climate change on assets to ensure safe and reliable service to customers. The Australian energy network sector is particularly exposed to climate change impacts including extreme weather events such as storms, heatwaves and bushfires as well as significant changes in the weather.

Given the long life of energy network assets, investment decisions made today must incorporate risk assessments from a whole range of factors including future climate change. The way that energy networks are operated and maintained will also need to be reviewed to maximise their resilience to climate change.

As a next step in addressing climate risk, Energy Networks Australia, through its Asset Management Committee, has developed an industry methodology and tools to support members in managing climate risk and resilience across core network business activities and to ensure consistency in factoring climate change risk in future network investment decisions.

If you would like more information on Energy Networks Australia’s Climate Risk and Resilience Manual, please contact Stuart Johnston at Energy Networks Australia at