Roadmap Final Report

Australia’s national science agency CSIRO and the peak national body representing gas distribution and electricity transmission and distribution businesses in Australia, Energy Networks Australia have partnered to develop an Electricity Network Transformation Roadmap (the Roadmap). 

The Roadmap Final Report is the product of more than two years of collaborative work carried out by Energy Networks Australia and CSIRO. More than 200 different industry representatives contributed at over 14 workshops and webinars held as part of the public consultation process. Information on the Roadmap has been viewed more than 30,000 times during the development process.

The Roadmap Final Report  identifies integrated measures which can achieve a positive energy future for Australian energy customers enabling choice, lower emissions, lower costs and high security and reliability.

Roadmap Publications

For all supporting reports and publications related to the Electricity Networks Transformation Roadmap, please click here.

Media Releases
Next Steps

Detailed planning is now underway to guide implementation of the Roadmap’s 45 Milestones and 158 Actions and Energy Networks Australia is currently working on project plans for 11 flagship programs.

Work will start on the highest priority projects in the coming months.

Projects are being scoped across three broad categories:

  • Coordinated Implementation – activities which require coordination both nationally across network businesses, as well as between network businesses and other key stakeholders such as retailers, researchers and regulators.
  • Network Business Implementation – activities which will be led by individual network businesses, as they represent changes to their own operational or business practices as driven by their own business needs or regional challenges.
  • Influenced Implementation – activities where network businesses cannot drive outcomes, but will play a key role in providing important input to key stakeholders

The Roadmap aims to continue the significant engagement and collaboration achieved through the Roadmap development process by:

  • Continuation of broad-based Roadmap Stakeholder engagement across a wide range of Roadmap projects
  • Program Monitoring and Reporting on a regular basis to keep industry abreast of Roadmap progress and key milestones
  • Establishment of an External Stakeholder Reference Group to guide Roadmap Implementation activities and projects now being considered

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