Stocktake: Database of renewable energy grid integration projects

About the Stocktake

The Integrating Renewables into the Grid Stocktake is an important initiative with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).

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ARENA completed the first edition of the Stocktake in August 2014, collating detailed information on over 170 renewable energy grid integration projects from across Australia, as well as the most relevant projects from Europe, the US, Korea and Japan, among others. The Stocktake’s Australian projects represent total funding of over $4 billion. (Several projects did not disclose funding).

Energy Networks Australia and ARENA are working together to ensure that the Stocktake remains a continuing, publicly available resource for information on integrating renewable energy sources into energy networks. ARENA is funding Energy Networks Australia to deliver the first two updates to the Stocktake, with oversight from a cross-industry steering committee.

Energy Networks Australia released the first update of the Stocktake in February 2016, adding new projects and updating information about existing projects up to December 2015. A total of 208 projects have now been catalogued.

Energy Networks Australia and ARENA’s goal is for the Stocktake to become an industry-led resource, with collaboration between networks, the renewables sector, research institutions, technology developers, and other project proponents. Energy Networks Australia is leading delivery of new editions of the Stocktake, and with continuing stakeholder support, seeks to maintain it so it remains a comprehensive, relevant resource for the electricity sector to draw on in the future.




Purpose of the Stocktake

The Stocktake includes studies, trials and demonstration projects led by a wide range of proponents, as well as 29 ARENA-funded projects.

It builds a picture of practical knowledge and experience related to integrating renewable energy in distribution networks. It will be a valuable resource for sharing information with parties considering new projects. It will also be valuable to ARENA for refining future funding priorities in this area.

The accompanying analysis highlights areas of research where Australian organisations lead the world, for instance, in forecasting renewable energy generation, but also points to gaps where Australia could valuably focus to sharing existing knowledge or further building our evidence base.

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