Technical Regulation, Standards and Guidelines

ENA advocates for appropriate technical and safety regulation that is nationally consistent, performance or outcomes based and not unnecessarily prescriptive or onerous. Some of the issues that ENA is currently involved in include:

  • The National Work Health and Safety Regulations and the associated new Energy Networks Safety Management System Standard (AS 5577)
  • The expansion of the Australian Government’s Energy Efficiencies Opportunity (EEO) program to energy network businesses (click her to view ENA submission)
  • The potential introduction of a National Energy Savings Initiative (NESI) (click her to view ENA submission)
  • The National Occupational Licensing System (NOLS)

ENA is also proactively involved in the development of Australian Standards on matters relating to and impacting on energy network businesses. ENA members are represented on around 55 Australian Standards committees that relate to the transmission or delivery of electrical power in Australia.

ENA also regularly publishes and maintains nationally consistent industry guidelines for its members. These guidelines typically focus on issues affecting the energy network businesses that are not already covered by an existing Australian Standard, or where the development of an Australian Standard would not be appropriate. ENA guidelines cover a broad range of areas including engineering and work practices issues, through to environmental and safety issues (Click here to view a complete listing of ENA Industry Guidelines).