About Us

Energy Networks Australia is the peak national body representing gas distribution and electricity transmission and distribution businesses throughout Australia.

Energy networks are the lower pressure gas pipes and low, medium and high voltage electricity lines that transmit and distribute gas and electricity from energy transmission systems directly to the doorsteps of energy customers.

Twenty-four electricity and gas network companies are members of Energy Networks Australia, providing governments, policy-makers and the community with a single point of reference for major energy network issues in Australia.

With more than 11 million electricity and five million gas customer connections, Australia’s energy networks provide the final step in the safe and reliable delivery of gas and electricity to households, businesses and industries.

Energy Networks Australia's focus is on issues affecting gas distribution and electricity transmission and distribution networks. These issues include the national and state government policy and regulatory environments under which energy networks must operate, and key technical issues such as network safety and security of supply, reliability and power quality, the management of peak energy demand and energy efficiency.

Most energy network businesses effectively operate as regulated businesses, with a role for independent economic regulation similar to that applying to other utility sectors such as water and telecommunications. State and Territory regulators have undertaken this task in the past, but for States and Jurisdictions in the NEM this role has now transitioned to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER).  In WA and the Northern Territory state regulation continues.

As of 10 November 2016 the Energy Networks Association began trading as Energy Networks Australia. Energy Networks Australia commenced operations as the Energy Networks Association (ENA) in January 2004. It replaced the Australian Gas Association’s Network Operators Committee and the Electricity Supply Association of Australia’s Distribution Directorate, and assumed the representational functions of these two associations on energy network issues. In January 2016, the Energy Supply Association (esaa) became jointly owned and managed by the Australian Energy Council and Energy Networks Australia and its Board now consists of representatives of the Australian Energy Council and Energy Networks Australia. At the same time we also absorbed responsibility for Grid Australia’s activities on behalf of the electricity transmission sector.

Energy Networks Australia's Chairman is Nino Ficca, Managing Director, AusNet Services, and its Chief Executive Officer is Andrew Dillon.

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