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Connecting Renewables

Connecting renewables where they are needed

Connecting renewable energy to customers in an affordable, reliable and sustainable way

To decarbonise Australia’s economy at least cost to consumers, coal power must progressively exit the system and be replaced by firmed renewable generation.
Our transmission networks are connecting renewable generation across their existing footprints and building new renewable energy zones to connect record numbers of firmed renewable electricity generation projects.
The distribution networks also have a critical role to play. They have the capacity to host additional renewable generation and storage, including community batteries.
Unlocking the network investment needed to continue to connect this new renewable generation is crucial to support our decarbonisation goals.

We work with members and industry partners to:

  • improve and address social licence and drive a better understanding of the energy transition, and
  • design and drive change around planning and regulatory process to connect renewables to the transmission and distribution grids in a sustainable, secure, and affordable way.
Renewable Connection Infographic

Improving customer understanding of the energy transition

The National Energy Infrastructure Commissioner recently handed down a Community Engagement Review.

The report makes clear that there is more work to be done to meaningfully engage with and involve communities in the energy transition. It recommends a communications program to increase understanding of the transition.