In these Terms:

  • Affiliate means your affiliation with Energy Networks Australia, or person or an organisation affiliated with Energy Networks Australia under these Terms, as context requires;
  • Affiliation means your relationship with Energy Networks Australia as controlled by these Terms.
  • Commencement Date means the date in which you have evidenced in writing to Energy Networks Australia your acceptance of these terms in a form acceptable to Energy Networks Australia.
  • Energy Networks Australia means Energy Networks Association (ACN 106 735 406);
  • Fee means an annual fee determined by Energy Networks Australia, as revised on an annual basis.
  • Member means a Member of Energy Networks Australia under its Constitution (including an Associate Member or any other class of membership), and expressly excludes an Affiliate under these Terms.
  • Terms means this document, as amended or replaced and published by Energy Networks Australia on their website or by such other means as Energy Networks Australia considers appropriate from time to time.
  • You means the person or organisation named in the Application Form, and extends to your employees, agents, contractors and representatives.

Objects of Energy Networks Australia

  1. To promote and develop the Energy Network industry and to undertake its activities to serve the best interests of the industry on behalf of its Members and the community;
  2. To promote and increase understanding of the role and contribution of the Energy Network industry and its Members to the economy, energy supply and the community;
  3. To inform and represent the Energy Network industry and its Members with respect to public policy, legislative or regulatory proposals, arrangements and measures which affect or are likely to affect the Energy Networks industry in any respect;
  4. To communicate industry positions and formulate relevant policies by providing Members with an Energy Network industry forum for debate, discussion and assessment of issues affecting the industry;
  5. To co-ordinate relevant research, development, analysis, information and education programs, projects or studies related to Energy Networks and issues affecting its Members including policy, regulatory and technology matters;
  6. To promote safety, quality, environmental and technical standards and practices in Energy Network activities for the benefit of its Members;
  7. To encourage Energy Network industry professional development by coordinating, promoting or participating in communication, information, training and conference programs for its Members;
  8. To undertake relevant activities including research and policy analysis specific to the constituent fuel types for Energy Networks, namely electricity and gas;
  9. To foster closer relations and co-operation in the Energy Network industry within Australia as well as internationally;
  10. To liaise with, co-operate with, or engage in relevant information exchange with, organisations involved in energy related matters within Australia as well as internationally; and
  11. To enter into co-operative agreements, arrangements or collaborative projects with other organisations in pursuit of the objects and the operation of the Company.


By making payment of the Fee in the manner directed by Energy Networks Australia, you accept that you are bound by these Terms.


  1. In consideration for the Fee, Energy Networks Australia invites you to become an Affiliate of Energy Networks Australia, subject to these Terms.
  2. Your Affiliation will commence on the date on which you have accepted these Terms in a form acceptable to Energy Networks Australia.
  3. The Fee is payable in advance on an annual basis in respect of a calendar year (1 January to 31 December. Where the Commencement Date occurs part way through a calendar year, the Fee will be adjusted on a pro-rata basis until the end of that calendar year.
  4. Where your Affiliation is due to be renewed, Energy Networks Australia will notify you of the Fee for the subsequent calendar year and the last date for payment of the Fee.
  5. Your Affiliation will end at the end of the calendar year if:
    1. you indicate to Energy Networks Australia that you do not intend to renew your Affiliation; or
    2. you fail to pay your Fee prior to the date nominated by Energy Networks Australia; or
    3. your Affiliation is otherwise terminated in accordance with this Agreement.


  1. Energy Networks Australia may terminate your Affiliation at any time, where in the reasonable opinion of Energy Networks Australia you have or are likely to:
    1. do any thing which is likely to bring Energy Networks Australia into disrepute, damage Energy Networks Australia’s relationship with its Members, Associate Members, other Affiliates, or stakeholders.
    2. act in a way which is contrary to the Objects of Energy Networks Australia;
    3. otherwise, in Energy Networks Australia’s absolute discretion.
  2. Where Energy Networks Australia terminates your Affiliation under clause 3(a), Energy Networks Australia will refund your Fee for the period from the date of termination until the end of that Financial Year on a pro-rata basis.
  3. Energy Networks Australia may provide reasons for termination under this clause, but is under no obligation to do so.
  4. You may terminate your Affiliation at any time by notifying Energy Networks Australia in writing. If you terminate your Affiliation pursuant to this clause after payment of your Membership Fee for that calendar year, your Membership Fee will not be refunded.


  1. You acknowledge that an Affiliation with Energy Networks Australia is distinct from any membership with Energy Networks Australia pursuant to its Constitution (including as a Member) and you must not at any time hold yourself out as a formal representative, Member, or agent for Energy Networks Australia.
  2. You expressly acknowledge that Affiliation does not give you any rights as a Member of Energy Networks Australia under its Constitution (including as a Member or Associate Member), and that your Affiliation does not include the right to attend or vote at any General Meetings or other Meeting as provided for under the Energy Networks Australia Constitution or rights to share in any dividend.
  3. Your rights under this document are personal only, and may not be assigned to any other person or organisation.