• The Role of Gas
Renewable Gas

The role of gas and renewable gas

Exploring and defining the role of gas and renewable gas in the transition.

Bringing renewable gases online will be critical in the energy transition.
Investment in renewable gas technologies can help to drive innovation, reduce costs through economies of scale, and accelerate the development of renewable gas infrastructure and supply chains – particularly by delivering renewable gas to industry via existing pipelines. It can also help to secure the employment of tens of thousands of Australian workers.
In time, renewable gases like biomethane and hydrogen will provide a way for the industrial sector to reduce emissions, and operate in a way that continues to support the Australian economy.

Energy Transition Infographic

Delivering decarbonisation solutions for industry

A renewable gas target is an efficient way to decarbonise the gas sector, de-risking the transition of gas users by developing the renewable gas industry.

We must ensure a decarbonisation pathway for industrial feedstock and high-grade industrial heating, where the technology to electrify doesn’t exist or is prohibitively expensive.

The industrial sector needs needs viable alternatives, which will come in the form of hydrogen and other renewable gases. This will ensure that Australia can deliver on its net zero emissions goals.