Representing Australia’s Energy Networks

We are the national industry body representing Australia’s electricity transmission and distribution and gas distribution networks.

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Energy Networks Australia
Transition Innovation

Transition innovation

Driving network innovation to support customers through the energy transition.

Transforming our shared energy grid to meet our net zero obligations and support a decarbonised economy is one of the biggest challenges of our time. Innovation will be needed to make the most cost-effective changes, with the greatest impact on emissions.

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Connecting Renewables

Connecting renewables where they are needed

Connecting renewable energy to customers in an affordable and sustainable way.

To decarbonise Australia’s economy at least cost to customers, coal power must progressively exit the system and be replaced by firmed renewable generation. Transmission and distribution networks each have a role to play. To continue to connect this new renewable generation at the pace required, we must prioritise partnerships, investment, and community understanding and support.

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Renewable Gas

The role of gas and renewable gas

Exploring and defining the role of gas and renewable gas in the energy transition

Renewable gas will play a critical role in helping Australia achieve net zero emissions across all sectors.
Manufacturing and industrial processes that require high levels of heat do not otherwise have a clear decarbonisation solution. Bringing renewable gases online will provide that decarbonisation pathway while driving innovation, reducing costs and helping to secure thousands of Australian jobs.

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