Distributed Energy Resources National Connection Guidelines

The electricity industry in Australia is undergoing significant transformation, driven by changes in customer preferences and technology advancements in renewable and distributed energy resources. This is allowing customers and their agents to participate in energy services and markets like never before. As a result, transmission and distribution networks are receiving increased applications for connection of new generation. Each network has responded to these challenges independently, resulting in a range of technical requirements and connection processes. 

The development of National Connection Guidelines to standardise the connection of distributed energy resources (DER) into the grid has been identified by the Energy Networks Australia /CSIRO Electricity Network Transformation Roadmap as a critical action to better integrate of growing numbers of customer resources into the grid. 

To support this Energy Networks Australia has commenced a project to prepare a nationally consistent set of guidelines for network connection of a range of generation technologies, outlining the technical requirements to facilitate streamlined integration.


National DER Connection Guidelines - Basic and Low Voltage Connections - Webinar, 6 December 2018

You can download the webinar slides here


National Network Connection Guidelines Initiation Webinar

You can download the webinar slides here