$1 of gas in WA gets me…

With gas heating, cooking and hot water an important part of the lives of 750,000 West Australians, Energy Networks Australia has compiled a fact sheet on what you get for $1 of gas in WA.

Energy Networks Australia CEO Andrew Dillon said energy delivered by the gas networks produced 70 per cent less CO2 emissions compared with average grid electricity in the South West Interconnected System.

“Many Australians prefer gas to heat their homes, hot water and for their cooking, whether it’s in the kitchen or on the BBQ” Mr Dillon said.

“And just $1 of gas delivers a huge amount of value. It can BBQ 150 sausages or 30 steaks.

“In your kitchen, $1 of gas will cook 25 pots of pasta or 14 stir fries.

“You can get two hours of ducted gas heating or twenty-five minutes of gas-heated warm water in the shower for about $1.”

Mr Dillon said gas was an important part of Australia’s energy mix.

“Australia’s gas infrastructure can store the same amount of energy as six billion home batteries,” he said.

“Our future energy system will require a combination of gas and electricity, with networks continuing to innovate to supply customers with sustainable energy sources.

“Networks are already trialling the blending of renewable gases such as hydrogen, into the distribution network, supplying customers with hydrogen-blended gas for their cooking and heating.”

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