AEMC move to support more solar welcomed

The Australian Energy Market Commission’s draft rule change to allow more distributed energy resources (DER) onto the grid has been welcomed by Energy Networks Australia (ENA).

ENA Chief Executive Officer Andrew Dillon said the draft decision recognised changing customer needs and the shift to a more renewable, smart energy grid.

“Customers are rapidly adopting DER like rooftop solar and batteries and that is changing the role of distribution networks,” he said.

“The AEMC’s draft decision will help networks support the increasing number of customers who want to connect solar and export their energy into the grid.

“Without changes to how DER is managed, the ongoing growth in solar means networks would increasingly need to restrict power exports or even block solar connections to prevent voltage spikes and even local black outs.

“This rule change will incentivise networks to invest in a smarter grid that can better support a two-way flow of electricity as more customers both consume and export electricity.”

Mr Dillon commended the AEMC on the significant engagement it had undertaken across a broad range of stakeholders.

ENA looks forward to working with the AEMC and customers in providing feedback on this draft determination.