Energy Transformation Plan Welcome

Energy Networks Australia CEO Andrew Dillon today welcomed the Western Australian Government’s announcement of an Energy Transformation Plan.

“The power prices consumers pay are linked to the total system cost, so it makes sense to consider how the co-ordinated end-to-end power system of the future should look,” Mr Dillon said.

“It’s a positive step that a government is thinking beyond short-term rebates and starting to plan for how we manage an integrated low emissions electricity system.

“Energy Networks Australia will tomorrow be launching the first of a set of guidelines for safe, consistent and efficient connection of solar, storage and battery devices to the grid.”

Distributed energy resources (DER), which include household solar panels and batteries, present challenges to electricity grids that were not designed to handle individual energy sources.

This is why Energy Networks Australia and the Australian Energy Market Operator are working on the Open Energy Networks project. The project is investigating how best to integrate DER into Australia’s electricity grid.

“Open Energy Networks is developing options to improve the electricity system to ensure household solar and storage work in harmony with a grid that was never designed for two way energy flows,” Mr Dillon said.

“As we move to greener grids, this work will help ensure reliable supply and lower household power bills for all customers.

“We look forward to seeing more detail about the WA Government’s planning program for DER integration.”

More information about the National Connection (DER) guidelines can be found here.