Integrated System Plan – A Pathway Forward

As we radically change how we generate and use electricity, the 2020 Integrated System Plan (ISP) has been developed to provide a roadmap for our energy future.

The ISP provides a blueprint for strategic investments that are needed to support Australia’s electricity transformation.

Energy Networks Australia CEO Andrew Dillon welcomed the release of the document today by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO). Mr Dillon said the plan highlighted the critical role transmission would play.

“To handle the seismic shift expected in electricity generation by 2040, we will need targeted investment in key transmission connections,” Mr Dillon said.

“Around the world, we’re seeing countries embrace greater connectivity as part of managing the ever-increasing amounts of variable generation from renewables.

“The ISP shows that a more connected future makes sense for Australian energy customers too.

“The sheer scale of the energy transition in the National Electricity Market is outlined in the ISP with a predicted 200 per cent increase in household solar and batteries and a 63 per cent drop in coal generation by 2040.”

Mr Dillon said this jump in variable generation and closure of synchronous plants would need to be carefully managed to ensure a strong and reliable electricity system.

“The ISP charts a path to managing the development of a more interconnected grid,” he said.

“The priority for energy networks is ensuring these proposed developments are efficient and deliver customers a low-cost pathway to a more secure, affordable system.

“Networks will continue to deliver an efficient, reliable and affordable grid for customers.”