Launch of ATCO’s Clean Energy Innovation Hub

Energy Networks Australia welcomed today’s launch of ATCO’s Clean Energy Innovation Hub project.

The modular home demonstrates Australia’s first hydrogen cooktop and other hydrogen appliances – using hydrogen from renewable sources.

Attending the launch at ATCO’s Jandakot depot in Western Australia, Energy Networks Australia’s Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Dillon, said the Hub demonstrates the potential for hydrogen to be produced from photo-voltaic solar for use in the home.

“Projects like this demonstrate the potential hydrogen gas has as a clean energy source for our homes, businesses and transport,” Mr Dillon said.

“Enough solar PV has been installed to power the energy requirements of the depot with surplus renewable energy stored in an on-site battery or converted to hydrogen gas for later use.

“The hub also demonstrates how gas-powered air conditioning can be used to provide heating and cooling to the site.”

The Western Australian government has also launched its Renewable Hydrogen Strategy.

“The release of this Renewable Hydrogen Strategy reinforces the potential benefits to produce renewable hydrogen for export, in remote applications, for blending in gas networks and in transport.” Mr Dillon said.

The Strategy sets ambitious goals for 2022 to demonstrate the significant potential of hydrogen.

Previous research released by Energy Networks Australia confirmed that injection of hydrogen into the gas distribution network can be done under current gas legislation.

As demonstrated in Energy Networks Australia’s Gas Vision 2050 report, hydrogen’s scope is impressive, with potential to widen customers’ power options, improve and increase renewable generation, provide options for mobility and even create a new energy export market.

The innovation in this project and others being undertaken by Energy Networks Australia members around the country will inform the National Hydrogen Strategy, being led by Chief Scientist Alan Finkel.