New rules mean more customers can access a renewable future

Energy Networks Australia (ENA) has welcomed the final access and pricing determination for distributed energy resources (DER) handed down by the independent Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC).

ENA Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Dillon, said it was a milestone decision that would enable more customers to embrace and benefit from distributed energy technologies such as rooftop solar, batteries and electric vehicles.

“The AEMC has worked closely with a range of stakeholders to deliver a framework that will allow more DER onto the grid and support Australia’s transition to a renewable future.” he said.

“The uptake of DER means a greater flow of two-way electricity as customers both import and export energy onto the grid. This rule change rightfully places obligations on networks to provide services to support this and allows for efficient cost recovery so bills can be kept as low as possible for all customers.

“Without future proofing the grid, the growth in DER means networks will increasingly need to restrict or even block energy exports to prevent voltage spikes and localised black outs.

“Customers need to be able to confidently invest in renewable energy technologies and know they are able to export to the grid when they have an excess of energy.”

Mr Dillon also recognised the AEMC’s significant engagement with stakeholders to reach its final decision.

“ENA congratulates the AEMC for the strong collaboration across the board and is keen to see that continue as the sector works towards delivering a renewable energy future.”