Reliability and service top performers

The Australian Energy Regulator’s 2023 Electricity Network Performance Report has shown networks are continuing to deliver improved reliability and service while at the same time keeping network service costs low for customers.

Energy Networks Australia Acting CEO, Dominic Adams said as network businesses continue to drive efficiencies, customers benefit through reduced network charges.

“Customer charges for network services have continued to decline, while over the longer term, customers have experienced fewer distribution network outages.” he said.

“Incentive-based regulation encourages networks to innovate and deliver a value-for-money service. Those savings can then be passed onto customers. In short, networks are delivering customers better service for less cost.”

Mr Adams said, however, that many parts of the economy are experiencing upheaval, and network businesses were not immune.

“Like other sectors, network businesses are facing greater cost pressures. Networks will seek to actively manage these potential increases for customers as networks work to deliver Australia’s transition to net zero.

“Networks have continued to improve reliability despite the ever-changing economic landscape and the significant challenge of transforming the physical power system to net zero. Despite these challenges networks continue to be the most stable part of the energy supply chain while delivering an essential service to every home and business across Australia.”