Renewables election pledges need a plan

The renewable energy promises emerging from the NSW election campaign are commendable, but the lack of consideration of the impact on the electricity grid is a concern, Energy Networks Australia CEO Andrew Dillon said today.

Mr Dillon said political commitments announced so far had contained scant information about how the huge increase in solar and storage was to be properly integrated into the grid to ensure security and reliability of power supplies.

“Energy network businesses are working hard to ensure the incredible growth we are seeing in renewable resources can be integrated into the grid in a safe and smart way,” he said.

“This is why Energy Networks Australia and the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) are working on the Open Energy Networks project.

“Open Energy Networks is investigating options to improve the electricity system to ensure household solar and storage work in harmony with a grid that was never designed for two way energy flows. As we move to greener grids, this work will help ensure reliable supply and lower household power bills.”

Energy Networks Australia is consulting with a wide range of stakeholders on the Open Energy Networks project and will be talking with political parties in the lead up to the NSW and Federal Elections for further understanding of their policies.

“We have to get this right. Renewables are a vital part of our energy future yet present their own challenges if not properly planned and managed,” Mr Dillon said.

More information about Open Energy Networks can be found here.