Industry Guidelines

Argon – Safety Assessment Software

The Argon software application is a tool created to assist utility staff in developing safety criteria to match actual risk profiles in relation to power system earthing. The software is designed to be used in conjunction with the ENA Power Systems Earthing Guide (EG-0), which is available through SAI Global.



This software refers to various standards, guidelines, calculations, legal requirements, technical details and other information. Over time, changes in Australian Standards, industry standards, and legislative requirements, as well as technological advances and other factors relevant to the information referenced by this software, may affect the accuracy of the information contained in this software. Accordingly, caution should be exercised in relation to the use of this software.

Energy Networks Australia (ENA) accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of any information contained in this software or the consequences of any person relying on such information. The Argon application was developed under the direction of past ENA committees. ENA holds no responsibility in maintaining or updating this software.


Please click here to download the latest version of the Argon Software.