Customer Engagement

Until recently, almost all electricity in Australia was provided by a small number of generation plants and flowed in a single direction to consumers who used energy in largely the same way.

Today, Australia has the highest global penetration rates of rooftop solar photovoltaic (solar PV) systems. Our nation is seen as a global ‘test bed’ for energy storage market entrants because we have a  range of customers who are increasingly diverse in their energy use and level of engagement with the energy industry.

As this change takes place, timely access to safe and reliable energy services and more affordable prices remain fundamental to modern life in Australia. Energy is critical to our future economic growth and employment, enabling almost every aspect of our modern lifestyle.

Electricity and gas networks comes in all shapes and sizes– from the largest interstate transmission assets to the distribution networks outside your door – and they all have customers with individual expectations and needs. As they provide essential services to our entire community, energy networks must understand the breadth of consumer views on energy services, from day to day business activities to critical long-term investments.

In this environment, energy network businesses are re-establishing their commitment to understanding and meeting the needs of their customers. Network businesses are committed to supporting customers’ aspirations and engagement with new and emerging technologies. As an industry, we aspire to create customer centric businesses, built on relationships of mutual trust and respect. Genuine and transparent dialogue will create new values, build trust, and develop the foundations of a sustainable and resilient energy system

Networks exist to serve their customers, to deliver the range of services customers need safely efficiently, and reliably. Customer engagement makes this possible.

Publications and Resources

Energy Networks Australia's approach to customer engagement

Energy Networks strongly supports the role enhanced customer engagement can play to ensure energy networks are ready to meet changing customers’ needs into the future.

To be successful the engagement process must be inclusive, accessible, transparent and collaborative, allowing for meaningful and effective engagement.

Given that energy networks operate in distinct areas, that vary in demographics and geography, rather than imposing a prescriptive approach to consumer engagement – frameworks for engagement should not inhibit the ability of networks to meet changing consumer needs and must provide the flexibility for individual energy networks to undertake an approach that suits their customers.