Cyber Security

In our rapidly growing digital economy and online community, managing cyber security is now a central part of modern life.
The community increasingly depends on digital services and advanced communications to enable essential services, commerce and leisure. The energy system is no exception.
Energy network businesses in Australia recognise the importance of cyber security to ensuring safe, reliable and efficient services to homes and businesses and to enable a rapidly transforming energy system. Cyber security is not a static goal to be achieved; cyber security is an ever-evolving commitment that requires ongoing vigilance.
Energy Networks Australia members actively monitor global developments and have cyber security strategies to deter, detect and respond to threats. Detailed risk management planning, asset management and IT and Communications planning ensures challenges to ongoing cyber security are known and addressed.

Energy Networks and Cyber Security

This document provides an overview of key dimensions in cyber security relevant to the energy system:
  1. The Grid Systems and components relied on by energy networks, including technology providers, individual components or systems they procure;
  2. The Control Systems used to monitor and control the network to support energy flows safely and reliably;
  3. The Access to data which safeguards privacy and commercial confidentiality; and
  4. The diverse and growing Distributed Resources which increasingly form a core part of the energy system.

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