National Grid Connection Guidelines

Energy Networks Australia has launched the first of a set of guidelines for safe, consistent and efficient connection of solar, storage and battery devices to the grid.

The guidelines are the first nationally consistent approach for installation of distributed energy resources (DER). They address low voltage connections applicable to household, commercial and industrial premises. 

The development of National Connection Guidelines to standardise the connection of DER into the grid was identified by the Energy Networks Australia / CSIRO Electricity Network Transformation Roadmap as a critical action to better integrate growing numbers of customer resources into the grid. To support this, Energy Networks Australia has made progress in working towards preparing a nationally consistent set of guidelines for network connection of a range of generation technologies, outlining the technical requirements to facilitate streamlined integration.

On 6th December 2018 Energy Networks Australia and CutlerMerz held a webinar that outlined the proposed technical requirements within the Basic and LV Connection Guidelines. Since then, opportunity was provided for various stakeholder groups to provide comments prior to the finalisation of these guidelines. A webiner on 7 March 2019 launched the final Basic and LV Connection Guidelines and discussed feedback received and follow on actions in regard to their finalisation.

Work is underway to produce the next set of guidelines to address medium voltage (MV) and high voltage (HV) connections within the distribution system. These guidelines are expected to be released later this year.



Technical Guidelines for Basic Micro EG Connections

Technical Guidelines for Low Voltage EG Connections

Technical Guidelines for Medium Voltage and High Voltage EG Connections

Distributed Energy Resources Grid Connection Guidelines - Framework and Principle


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