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Renewable gas innovation (August 2023)

Since the launch of Gas Vision 2050, governments and industry have invested $570 million in research and development, policy analysis and pilot projects to demonstrate the role of renewable gas.

Led by Australian gas and pipeline infrastructure businesses, this report provides an overview of innovation in low emissions technologies.

Renewable Gas Innovation Brochure

BCG Gas Report

The Role of Gas Infrastructure in Australia’s Energy Transition (June 2023)

This report by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) outlines the potential role for gas through the energy transition, with a view to supporting the reliability, affordability and sustainability of the energy system.
The report covers the role of gas infrastructure, with a focus on transport infrastructure: pipelines, transmission, distribution.

BCG Report ENA Energy Insider Article 

Gas Vision 2022

A pathway to net zero for Australia (April 2022)

The Gas Vision 2050 update identifies key actions needed in the next decade for the transition to net zero emissions in line with global and national targets.

Read the Gas Vision update

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