2023 Consumer Engagement Award winners announced

Endeavour Energy have taken home the Consumer Engagement Award for 2023.

Presented at the Energy Networks Australia (ENA) annual dinner, the award was presented to members of the team for their project Power Together – Collaborating on Our Energy Future.

Run jointly by ENA and Energy Consumers Australia, the award recognises an Australian energy network that demonstrates best practice consumer engagement.

Endeavour Energy’s program was centred around fulfilling a goal to deliver a Revenue Proposal for 2024-2029 that balanced the current and future needs of its customers and was supported by key stakeholders

Endeavour delivered an engagement program that was designed to embed an enterprise wide, customer-centric culture, led from the top.

ENA Chief Executive Officer Dom van den Berg said the Endeavour’s engagement strategy displayed a strong desire to fully embed customer needs within the Revenue Proposal.

“Engaging with customers on the type of services they expect from their network service providers is a critical component of leading consumer engagement best practice.” she said.

Energy Consumers Australia Interim CEO, Jacqueline Crawshaw said consumers want to be part of Australia’s energy future, and including their voices and designing for them will be vital for a successful energy transition.

“Key to this, and to ensuring better outcomes for consumers in general, is better engagement practices”, she said.

Endeavour Energy’s consumer engagement program spanned five co-designed engagement phases and involved more than 1,800 customers and stakeholders representing 124 organisations. Over 150 employees played an active role in engagement, committing 2,770 hours of face-to-face engagement.

The winners were announced at the Energy Networks Australia Annual Dinner along with the Industry Innovation Award and the Industry Contribution Awards.