Data delivering digital transformation for energy customers

A new report from Energy Networks Australia (ENA) and ENEA Consulting highlights the importance of electricity data and how it can help deliver better, more affordable services as the grid modernises.

The report ‘Data opportunities for smarter networks’ identifies how transmission and distribution networks are embracing the digital age and using data and analytics to improve core business operations to support a cleaner, smarter power system.

It makes important recommendations about how new technologies can be further utilised to keep costs down and maximise customer benefits into the future.

Key among these are:

  • The Australian Energy Market Commission consider a cost‑benefit analysis to revise the minimum amount of data available to distribution networks from smart meters and the pace of the smart meter roll out across the country.
  • Cybersecurity guidelines should be nationally consistent and set through energy sector and government collaboration. Regulators should undertake consultation with networks to further explore the framework for assessing ICT expenditure.
  • Knowledge sharing continuing across the sector with collaboration between networks, technology developers, universities, governments and peak bodies.

ENA CEO Andrew Dillon said digitalisation was occurring across the economy to the benefit of consumers and the energy sector was no different.

“The report outlines how networks are using new data sources to deliver the capabilities the electricity system needs, like better visibility of connected renewable energy sources and storage,” he said.

“Timely and quality data is a key foundation for a smarter grid. Getting network data right will lead to a range of benefits for customers.”

The report highlights that many jurisdictional factors such as uptake of distributed energy resources, various state government policies and network design mean all networks face different challenges and must address them accordingly.

To read the full report, click here