Delivering Australia’s net zero transition a priority as new energy minister welcomed

Energy Networks Australia has welcomed the appointment of The Hon. Chris Bowen as the Minister for Climate Change and Energy.

ENA Chief Executive Officer Andrew Dillon said the network sector looked forward to working with Mr Bowen to deliver Australia’s transition to a net zero emissions energy system.

“Australia’s energy networks have a vital role to play in decarbonising the energy system. Our members are aligned on the importance of creating a whole-of-system approach that sees transmission, distribution and gas networks working together to achieve Australia’s net zero ambitions,” he said.

“Governments at all levels have a role to play in supporting renewables integration and delivering policy settings that put downward pressure on energy prices.

“Timely and efficient investment in new transmission is an urgent priority and we look forward to working with the incoming government to ensure its Rewiring the Nation policy delivers the more connected grid electricity customers need.”

Mr Dillon said the Government’s proposed reforms would be well supported by changes to the way the Commonwealth engaged with State energy ministers.

“Mr Albanese’s plan, articulated in Powering Australia, to convene an urgent national energy council meeting of state and territory energy ministers is strongly supported,’’ Mr Dillon said.

‘’The council’s reestablishment and Government’s commitment to greater collaboration between the states and territories is essential for a more consistent approach to energy affordability and sustainability challenges. The energy sector looks forward to these meetings being more transparent and consultative.”