Networks at the forefront of consumer engagement

Energy Networks Australia (ENA) has released a new report highlighting how energy networks are putting customers at the centre of their business planning.

The Consumer Engagement Report compiles applications from the annual ENA and Energy Consumers Australia Consumer Engagement Awards.

ENA Chief Executive Officer Andrew Dillon said networks had worked hard to increase and mature their consumer engagement and this was evident through the examples highlighted in the report.

“Networks are increasingly recognising the importance of delivering bespoke solutions for customers, rather than approaching their needs with a one-size-fits-all model,” he said

“They are exploring new ways to deepen engagement and collaboration with consumers and demonstrating leadership and innovation in this space.”

Energy Consumers Australia Chief Executive Officer Lynne Gallagher said the report acknowledged the tenacity of energy networks and their drive to ensure good outcomes for their customers.

“2020 saw catastrophic bushfires coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic. These two unpredicted crises meant some businesses were still rebuilding fire damaged networks when the pandemic hit,” she said.

“Despite these challenges, networks and their teams stepped forward to produce successful engagement with consumers.”

Australian Gas Infrastructure Group won the 2020 Energy Networks Consumer Engagement Award for its application ‘Customers at the Centre of our Planning in South Australian Gas Networks.’