Networks welcome new energy marketplace project


The announcement of a new energy trading platform has been welcomed by Energy Networks Australia as an exciting opportunity to provide customers with reliable and affordable electricity into the future.

GreenSync has officially launched its deX project – a decentralised energy exchange platform which allows customers, communities and utilities to trade energy.

Energy Networks Australia Interim CEO, Andrew Dillon, said the transformation of our energy system requires innovative solutions to harness the benefits of new technologies.

“Networks could use these types of platforms to pay for the use of household solar and storage as an alternative to building poles and wires,” Mr Dillon said.

“The software also has the ability to provide Networks with greater visibility of distributed energy resources to help manage the growing number of household solar and batteries connecting to the grid.”

Energy Networks Australia is one of 37 energy industry partners supporting the initiative. Many of its members are already working with GreenSync as part of the project.

More information including project milestones is available at