Pilot lights the way to green gas certification

Energy Networks Australia (ENA) welcomes the development of a renewable gas certification pilot scheme by the NSW Government.

The accreditation pilot, developed in partnership with Energy Networks Australia, Jemena, GreenPower Accreditation Program and the NSW Government, is an important step towards a net zero future.

Energy Networks Australia Head of Gas, Dennis Van Puyvelde, said ENA was supporting the pilot through customer research and advice on the design of the scheme.

“Customers are looking for options to purchase renewable gas and this requires appropriate certification schemes to be developed,” he said.

“The design project conducted by ENA and Energetics will help inform the pilot which will enable gas users to purchase renewable gas and to do so with confidence.

“Investing in Australia’s renewable gas industry is vital if Australia is to reach net zero emissions and deploying gases such as hydrogen and biomethane is a logical pathway to achieving a decarbonised gas network.”

Since its creation in 1997 GreenPower has enabled customers to easily recognise renewable energy sources and now almost all electricity retailers in Australia have a GreenPower Accredited product. This pilot will see renewable gas accreditation become available in a similar way.

Tim Stock, Chair of the National GreenPower Steering Group, said the Renewable Gas Certification Pilot is a key step in the development of a voluntary market for renewable gas.

“GreenPower’s collaboration with Jemena and Energy Networks Australia showcases government and industry working together to support renewable gas markets and will provide more choice for consumers to help drive our energy transition,” Mr Stock said.

Dr Van Puyvelde said by investing in renewable gas production customers could continue to enjoy the benefits of gas while supporting the transition to zero emissions.

Renewable gas producers and customers interested in participating in the pilot can contact GreenPower at greenpower.admin@planning.nsw.gov.au

For more information visit greenpower.gov.au