Industry Research and Development

ENA endeavours to regularly pursue important research and development projects for the benefit of the energy network industry.

To service the future needs of the energy network industry, particularly given the scale of industry transformation unfolding, ENA is currently developing a more coordinated approach to traditional industry R&D and innovation.

The ENA’s primary vehicle for this is its Australian Strategic Technology Program(ASTP). This group primarily provides funding for university post-graduate research projects which have the potential to bring about improvements in asset management and network performance for electricity utilities, as well as exploring “non-network” solutions.

The self-funded group is comprised of representatives from electrical distribution and transmission companies around Australia.

The objectives of the ASTP Committee are:

  • To facilitate academic research activity in Australia, that will enhance the effectiveness of asset management and the network performance of electricity network assets;
  • To encourage the development of practical solutions to improve electricity network performance, for both reliability of supply and power quality; and
  • To stimulate the development of technology solutions for asset management and network performance problems from a range of private industry suppliers and universities.

In addiiton to this work, to assist in obtaining a more coordinated approach in research across the ESI, ENA is currently undertaking a project to map all R&D/innovation activities across the network industry (including all partner organisations) to create a database, of projects, studies, and initiatives in the area. The development of this database will make it easier for networks and research proponents to share information about how opportunities can be exploited, and barriers overcome. It will also assist ENA members in avoiding duplication of effort (“reinventing the wheel”) and be more strategic in terms of identifying what are the research or project priorities required by the industry.

For further information please contact Stuart Johnston at the ENA Secretariat.