Lismore - restoring pump site (003)

This MOU is entered into by the Parties to record the principles to guide their cooperation for deployment of resources in response to certain natural disaster or similar emergency events that occur from time for which the Parties may agree to share resources.

The Parties agree to the following framework for sharing resources, including personnel, equipment or both in order to respond to the significant event, incident response, unplanned network maintenance and/or other related ancillary work that occurs from time to time in respect to a significant event.

  • The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is entered into by the operator of an electricty distribution and/ or transmission network.
  • The MoU seeks to enable the easy deployment of resources between two parties in the event of a natural disatster or similar emergency.
  • The MoU sets out non legally binding parameters to enable reponse workers to get on with the job of responding to the significant event