TasNetworks commenced operations on 1 July 2014. It has been formed by a merger between Aurora’s distribution network (the poles and wires) and Transend’s network (the big towers and lines).

TasNetworks is a Tasmanian State Owned Corporation that supplies power from the generation source to homes and businesses through a network of transmission towers, substations and powerlines.

TasNetworks also:

  • build, maintain and operate the network
  • establish new connections where infrastructure does not currently exist
  • respond to, and repair, outages and faults
  • operate and maintain a 24-hour fault call centre
  • read, replace and repair your meter
  • provide education, advice and information about electrical safety
  • deliver nationally accredited training to lineworker apprentices, contracts and sub-contractors, local councils and civil construction organisations
  • own and operate a telecommunications business that serves customers in the electricity industry and other industries

TasNetworks role in the electricity supply chain

The network is made up of:

TasNetworks owns, operates and maintains 3,577 circuit kilometres of transmission lines and underground cables, 49 transmission substations and 7 switching substations.

TasNetworks owns, operates and maintains 22,400 km of distribution overhead lines and underground cables, 227,000 power poles, 18 large distribution substations and 33,000 small distribution substations. There are also 20,000 embedded generation and photovoltaic (PV) grid-connected installations connected to the distribution network.

TasNetworks also owns, operates and maintains telecommunication network infrastructure to enable safe and efficient operation of the electricity system.

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